Edison, NJ – 2022 INFINITI Q50 – Features & Specs Review

From its sharp contours to its timeless design, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 is here to fulfill all your expectations of a luxury sedan. But the INFINITI Q50 pulls off that feat while staying under a competitive price point. At the same time, the powerful 3.0-liter V6 turbocharged engine doesn’t make any compromises, and delivers robust performance whether you are taking short commutes or embarking on longer routes. With comfortable interiors and multiple upgrade options, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 might be exactly what you need.

2022 INFINITI Q50 Frequently asked questions

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 comes equipped with sporty curves, cozy interiors, and robust engine options. The sturdy built provides you with the durability you need from a regular vehicle, while high-quality materials deliver the comfort you expect from a luxury sedan. With a mix of upgradable trims and high-end entertainment options, the vehicle manages to strike the elusive balance between opulence and functionality. This makes it an incredible vehicle at its price point.

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 is available at various price points, with the base model starting from a competitive price tag as compared to other luxury sedans. This foundational trim, labeled Pure, comes at the starting price of $36,600. But this base model comes with rear-wheel drive (RWD). If you go for an upgrade to all-wheel drive (AWD), you need to pay an additional $2,000 that takes the Pure trim’s price to $38,600. This pricing structure works throughout other trims, which come in the default offering of RWD. As a result, the mid-range Luxe RWD starts at $41,700, while the Luxe AWD comes at the starting price of $43,700. If you go for the ultimate upgrade for the base engine configuration, you can choose the Sensory RWD trim at $47,600 and the Sensory AWD trim at $49,600. In case you want to add more ponies to your engine and harness increased horsepower, the Red Sport 400 RWD comes at $55,750, while the Red Sport 400 AWD starts at $57,750.

Like any other car, INFINITI Q50’s value depreciates gradually over the years of its usage. After the fifth year of your purchase, the sedan’s value can depreciate by over 50 percent. With that being said, the INFINITI Q50 line is well-known among new Nissan enthusiasts and loyal fans alike. That is why it’s not difficult to sell off or trade in your car at any point in its ownership.

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 is available through multiple engine and powertrain configurations, with these factors having a direct effect on the car’s performance. This also holds true for judging its fuel economy through miles per gallon (MPG). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the RWD model of the base engine has a fuel economy of 20 MPG (city), 29 MPG (highway), and 23 MPG (combined). If you change the powertrain to AWD, the estimates change to 19 MPG (city), 27 MPG (highway), and 22 MPG (combined). The Red Sport 400 model that has an upgraded engine has a different story to tell. With the RWD powertrain, it estimates 20 MPG (city), 26 MPG (highway), and 22 MPG (combined). For the AWD powertrain of the Red Sport 400, the statistics are slightly different with 19 MPG (city), 26 MPG (highway), and 22 MPG (combined).

For 2022, the INFINITI Q50 breathes new life into its overall value proposition for upgraded trims. Firstly, it adds a new upper-level trim by the name of Sensory. Sensory comes with the same engine as the starter-level Pure trim. Still, it sweetens the pot by bringing deluxe interior materials, sportier exterior accents, and a spectacular sound system to the table. The mid-level Luxe trim also gives you more bang for your buck, and puts a variety of driving safety features such as adaptive cruise control into its bundle of upgrades. Apart from these changes, the 2022 INFINITI Q50 also brings two new paint shades for those who want more variety in their vehicle’s exteriors.

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 is a luxury sedan packed in a sporty aesthetic. It is definitely worth its price with a sturdy engine, comfortable interiors, and smooth driving experience. This especially holds true for the base pure trim, which gives you a premium driving experience at an affordable cost.

What are the new features of the 2021 INFINITI Q50?

The 2021 INFINITI Q50 introduces the Sensory trim for the first time ever. With a Bose sound system, sporty bumpers, and leather interiors, the Sensory trim gives you plenty of elements to be proud of through your upgraded ride.

Suppose you want to go for a more accessible package. The Luxe trim can meet your specifications. The trim comes with exciting features such as a heated steering wheel, heated seats, as well as a pack of driving assistance features.

While INFINITI Q50 already has 6 other existing color options, this model year brings two more shades to the mix. With Slate Gray and Grand Blue, you can now benefit from an extended level of visual variety.

The INFINITI Q50 line is known for retaining its classic luxury sedan aesthetic in the past few years. While it is a selling-point for many fans, the 2021 INFINITI Q50 puts its spin to this look. Through the Sensory trim, you can add some sporty bumpers to the exteriors to set your car apart on the road.

The INFINITI Q50 also carries over its 2020 additions of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. As standard features, you can enjoy both facilities through your car’s infotainment system to play your music and make your calls without any added hassle.

What’s New for the 2022 INFINITI Q50?

The 2022 INFINITI Q50 brings an elevated sense of style to its offerings by adding the show stopping charm of the Sensory trim and enhancing the Luxe trim’s functional excellence. In addition to the additional benefits of these trims that include but are not limited to heated seats, upgraded interiors, and driving safety features, you can also enjoy an increased range of exterior color options through the two new shades added to the existing swatch. At Ray Catena, you can get a firsthand experience of these features through our selection of 2022 INFINITI Q50 vehicles.

Through Ray Catena’s extensive offerings, you can browse one of the largest collections of new and certified pre-owned 2022 INFINITI Q50 in Edison, NJ. Whether you want to choose from RWD or AWD powertrains, you can easily have your pick. To ensure that you can make an informed decision, we offer you to browse through all INFINITI Q50 trims that include the Pure, Luxe, Sensory, and Red Sport 400 options. You can enjoy test driving these cars in person to get a personal feel before your purchase.

Whether you choose the AWD or RWD powertrain, you can rest assured to have plenty of flexibility in selecting your desired engine. The Pure, Luxe, and Sensory trims of the 2021 INFINITI Q50 are available with a 300 hp 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine and 295 lb-ft of torque. Whereas, the Red Sport 400 trim comes with a 400 hp 3.0-liter V6 twin-turbocharged engine and 350 lb-ft of torque. In the case of the latter, you can also add turbo speed sensors and dual water pumps to the engine’s features. In either option, the INFINITI Q50 holds a passenger capacity of up to 5 seats.

At Ray Catena, you can also enjoy seeing the new two paint shades in person, which add to the existing offerings of Dynamic Sunstone Red, Majestic White, Graphite Shadow, Black Obsidian, Pure White, and Midnight Black. With the new Slate Gray and Midnight Blue, you can select a wider range of aesthetic options dependent on certain trim upgrades.

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Through these solutions, we ensure to find the most suitable luxury vehicles that meet your requirements of budgetary limitations and comfortable features at the same time. While finding this balance is nothing short of challenging, our team’s commitment to upholding our values makes it possible. We ensure that your Ray Catena experience allows you to discover the perfect fit through detailed consultations and personalized advice.

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